fresh thinking makes the difference


At Mediateam we approach each project from fresh perspectives, nurturing relationships with a view to them becoming lasting and fulfilling. We find connections that will work, making top-level contacts and ensuring that everyone involved is kept fully in the picture at all times. Our expertise lies in finding the right match and delivering the right results.





Carrying out in-depth research on internationally rotating congresses

Focusing on understanding the key criteria for bidding and how the bidding process works

Learning who the decision makers are and which factors will most influence their decisions

Identifying relevant national and local potential hosts

Supporting destinations and venues in understanding these processes



sales support


Helping to maximize the client’s presence in market

Making appointments for their sales team with prospective clients

Attending sales calls on their behalf

Identifying leads and generating appointments at key industry trade events

Organizing client events in territory



CRM support


Keeping in touch with clients on their behalf

Managing data bases

Keeping the data current and relevant by updating contacts, congresses and deadlines

Identifying opportunities and timelines for bids

Linking international, national and local contacts



bid support


Developing the bid strategy

Understanding the international, national and local dynamics

Identifying factors influencing decision making

Bid presentation



strategic support


Developing and maintaining Ambassador programmes

Producing competitor analysis reports

Understanding and developing new and emerging markets

Developing sales strategy and activity plans, including forecasting and budgets

Providing market intelligence




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